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Extra virgin olive oil EVO 5oo ml

Italian organic extra virgin olive oil of superior category of 5 liters. It is undoubtedly the condiment par excellence of good Italian cuisine. The taste of our oil contains all the Sicilian tradition that you can enjoy on your table. Cold extraction. Not Filtered

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Packaging: 500 ml

Origin: Azienda Bergi / da Bergi-Castelbuono (PA) -Sicily - Italy

The olives, hand-picked, are milled in an oil mill on the same day to ensure maximum preservation of the organoleptic proprierties of the oil. The squeezing is done in a traditional olive press, which allows the oil to maintain its smell, taste and colour over a long period. Among the variety of our olives are the main Sicilian cultivar of Nebbia, Castru and Neapolitan origin.

Organic certification issued by the control and certification body for the production of organic extra virgin olive oil


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